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Jack Hall

Algebraic stacks, moduli spaces, formal and analytic geometry, deformation theory

Christian Haesemeyer

Motives, algebraic cycles, K-theory

Johanna Knapp

String theory, algebraic geometry, Gauge theory

Peter McNamara

Representation theory

Daniel Murfet

Mathematical logic, algebraic geometry, topological field theories

Paul Norbury

Gauge theory, mathematical physics, algebraic geometry, moduli spaces

Arun Ram

Combinatorics, Representation Theory, algebraic geometry, number theory,
algebraic topology and mathematical physics

Kari Vilonen

Representation theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic analysis

Chenyan Wu

Representation theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory


Alex Ghitza

computational number theory, Galois representations, Shimura varieties, Automorphic forms

Yaping Yang

Geometric representation theory, Quantum groups

Gufang Zhao

Algebra, Geometry & Topology